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21. Scruff, Popular
It's no secret: The beards are back in town - and with them, chest hair, scruffy legs, and hairy bellies have returned. Scruff is a declaration of love to fuzzy men.

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Hits: [1948]
From: Art and Photo Books/Nude Male Photobooks

22. Fond Memories, Popular
College boys, freshmen, American twinks - Mark Lynch had them all in front of his camera. In his debut publication, his works are collected together for the first time in a large and beautiful volume.

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Hits: [1926]
From: Art and Photo Books/Nude Male Photobooks

23. Spartacus International Gay Guide 2017, Popular
The most successful travel guide for the gay market! A practical and easy guide: The important country information texts stand out in colour, distinct and colourful country and city maps assist rapid orientation, easy to find address listings for more than 160 countries worldwide in five different languages. Each country is introduced, describing the legal and social situation of gay men as well as notes on the culture. Contains over 21,000 addresses covering all aspects of gay life, from hotels to beaches.

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Hits: [1908]
From: Travel Guides/Spartacus

24. Take It Like a Man: The Autobiography of Boy George , Popular
'Candid and entertaining . . . his public image was wildly at odds with his private self, the self that was living fabulously and wildly, gorging on drugs, food and sex, trashing hotel rooms and brawling with friends' - The Times

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Hits: [1897]
From: Biographies/Boy George

25. Freddie Mercury: his Life in His Own Words, Popular
Despite being in the limelight for over 20 years and selling nearly 200 million records, Freddie Mercury was a very private person - avoiding interviews as he was painfully shy and uncomfortable in the company of anyone who might intrude upon his famous 'royal family' of close friends. This book takes us on the journey of Queen - three academics and a frustrated art student, tired of having no money, taking on the music industry on their own terms. Spurred on by an almost uncontrollable, ambitious and forthright Mercury, Queen succeeded, becoming the biggest band of the generations to come.The story, told in his own words shows how on many occasions, the band almost split, but was always kept together by their shared love of breaching musical boundaries. Freddie's own personal story is one of pursuing a dream, dealing with wealth and fame, looking back and having no regrets, coming to reflect on his thoughts on getting old, his legacy and death. Though Freddie talked rarely to others about himself, the interviews published - and some unpublished up until now, compiled in this book, together with an intriguing insight into the man who outwardly exuded confidence and arrogance but behind that public perception spent periods alone and searching for happiness. This title includes a foreword by Freddie's Mother Jer Bulsara.

Greg Brooks (Editor), Simon Lupton (Editor)

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Hits: [1894]

From: Biographies

26. Rain Falls: (A Romantic Dramedy), Popular
India Bell is looking for a regular writing gig to supplement her royalties. She ends up with two assignments - one, to interview up-and-coming lesbian romance writer Tegan Lowry, and the other? To win a bet to write her own lesbian romance, thus securing for herself a job as an editor. There's a bit of an issue with the second of those. India writes science fiction, not romance. There's none of that confusing touchy-feely stuff in her science fiction novels. Hell, she doesn't even read romance, and as for the lesbian aspect, she's not sure how to define her sexuality, but if she's a lesbian, then she's so far in the closet, she doesn't even know where the door is. Maybe Tegan could give her some pointers on writing all those sex scenes she's probably going to have to stick in there? Tegan is thrilled to be interviewed, even by the awkward and socially-inept India. Not that Tegan views herself as anyone's fantasy - she's on crutches, and who would be interested in a cripple? Her deeply romantic fantasies are all lived out on the page. But when India suddenly asks if Tegan will join her in her writing cabin to get some serious work done, she jumps at the chance to leave her horrible basement apartment behind to concentrate on her writing in comfort and peace, with the fascinating, if rather emotionally-unavailable, India Bell. In the gorgeous cabin on the outskirts of the small tourist town of Rain Falls, Colorado, the two women find themselves struggling with temptation and absurdity. It's a situation they never thought they'd find outside of a romance novel.

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Hits: [1891]
From: Lesbian Literature/Lesbian Romance

27. Turnon: Sports, Popular
Usually most of us are way too lazy to do it as often as we should - but nevertheless sport is an essential part in the lifes of many gay men; after all one wants to stay healthy and in good shape. And there's even more to it: Sport and what's associated with it - muscles, endurance and physical challenges - are a fetish for a lot of men. The extensive anthology Turnon Sports is dedicated to this topic; it's a huge collection of impressive pictures, attractive and brilliantly staged by artists like Rick Day, John Gress, Domenico Cemmano, Richard Gerst and others.

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Hits: [1881]
From: Art and Photo Books/Nude Male Photobooks

28. Active Duty: Gay Military Erotic Romance, Popular
These fierce stories of love on the frontlines will grab and hold readers' attention as they travel the world with these soldiers on Active Duty. Neil Plakcy brings both together into heart-pounding vignettes of men of action who put their lives on the line to protect and serve. The heat of battle only amps up the level of excitement knowing that this tryst might be their last. These heroic hunks fight for love and honour and will have readers begging for their next debriefing!

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Hits: [1865]
From: Gay Literature/Gay Erotica Fiction

29. 21st Century Jocks: Sporting Men and Contemporary Heterosexuality, Popular
From macho huddles to gentle cuddles, the ways in which sportsmen relate as friends has radically changed. With homophobia stigmatized and gay teammates revered, today's jocks no longer fear being thought gay for behaviors that constrained men of the previous generation. In this eye-opening book, Professor Eric Anderson draws on hundreds of interviews with 15-22 year old straight and gay male athletes in both the United States and the United Kingdom to show how jocks have redefined heterosexuality: kissing on the lips, dancing together, cuddling in bed, and proudly proclaiming their bromance with other men.

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Hits: [1859]
From: Political and Social Issues

30. Still Standing: The Savage Years, Popular
As a narrator, stroppy of tongue but melting of heart, O'Grady still charms and tickles. The comic scenes with his truly mythological mum ("the Madame Defarge of Tranmere"; "Columbo in a flannelette nightie"; "Eleanor of Aquitaine with a chip-pan") can touch the hem of Alan Bennett's robe... Leaves most fiction and history of the era in the dust.

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Hits: [1857]
From: Biographies/Paul O'Grady

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