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1. Freddie Mercury: his Life in His Own Words Popular
Despite being in the limelight for over 20 years and selling nearly 200 million records, Freddie Mercury was a very private person - avoiding interviews as he was painfully shy and uncomfortable in the company of anyone who might intrude upon his famous 'royal family' of close friends. This book takes us on the journey of Queen - three academics and a frustrated art student, tired of having no money, taking on the music industry on their own terms. Spurred on by an almost uncontrollable, ambitious and forthright Mercury, Queen succeeded, becoming the biggest band of the generations to come.The story, told in his own words shows how on many occasions, the band almost split, but was always kept together by their shared love of breaching musical boundaries. Freddie's own personal story is one of pursuing a dream, dealing with wealth and fame, looking back and having no regrets, coming to reflect on his thoughts on getting old, his legacy and death. Though Freddie talked rarely to others about himself, the interviews published - and some unpublished up until now, compiled in this book, together with an intriguing insight into the man who outwardly exuded confidence and arrogance but behind that public perception spent periods alone and searching for happiness. This title includes a foreword by Freddie's Mother Jer Bulsara.

Greg Brooks (Editor), Simon Lupton (Editor)

Author: Freddie Mercury
Format: Paperback 176
Publisher: Omnibus Press
Guide price:* Book: £10.40, Kindle: £

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2. James Dean: Tomorrow Never Comes Popular
America's most enduring and legendary symbol of young rebellion, James Dean continues into the 21st Century to capture the imagination of the world. In recognition of his enduring appeal as Hollywood's most visible symbol of unrequited male rage, bars from California to Nigeria and Patagonia are named in his honor. Dean, a strikingly handsome heart-throb, is a study in contrasts: Tough but tender; brutal at times but remarkably sensitive; a reckless hellraiser badass who could revert to a little boy in bed. From his climb from the dusty backroads of Indiana to the most formidable boudoirs of Hollywood, his saga is electrifying. He claimed that sexually, he didn t want to go through life with one hand tied behind his back. He corroborated his identity as a rampant bisexual through sexual interludes with Marilyn Monroe, Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, Natalie Wood, Shelley Winters, Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Ursula Andress, Montgomery Clift, Pier Angeli, Tennessee Williams, Susan Strasberg, and (are you sitting down?) both Tallulah Bankhead and (as a male prostitute) FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton wanted to make him her toy boy. Tomorrow Never Comes, the newest in Blood Moon s critically acclaimed Babylon Series, is the most penetrating look at James Dean to have emerged from the wreckage of his Porsche Spyder in 1955. He flirted with Death until it caught up with him. Ironically, he said, "If a man can live after he dies, then maybe he s a great man." Before setting out on his last ride, he also said, "I feel life too intensely to bear living it." Tomorrow Never Comes is published in recognition of the 60th anniversary of his early death. It presents a damaged but beautiful soul, and the embarrassing and sometimes lurid compromises James Dean made on his road to "success" before his demons caught up with him.

Author: Danforth Prince
Format: Paperback 528 pages
Publisher: Blood Moon Productions
Guide price:* Book: £16, Kindle: £

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3. Just Biggins: My Story Popular
There's only one Christopher Biggins. The man who was crowned the King of the Jungle on TV's I'm a Celebrity ...Get Me Out of Here! has been at the heart of the entertainment universe for more than forty years. His radiant personality and wicked sense of humour have made him a hit with millions of fans and won him the admiration of many of his peers. But just who is the person behind that infectious laugh? Within these pages, the man affectionately known as 'Biggins' finally reveals all...In this candid autobiography, Biggins tells the full story of his colourful, packed life. He tells of how, after winning his first role at a local theatre he headed to Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, where his contemporaries included Jeremy Irons - with who he went on honeymoon! Thanks to diverse television roles such as Poldark, Porridge and Rentaghost, Biggins became one of the best-known faces on television and on the stage. Fortune shone on Biggins when he was the surprise contestant on I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! in 2007. His genuine personality, his appetite for fun and the gusto with which he approached the dreaded Bushtucker trials all endeared him to his fellow contestants and the public, who wasted no time in voting him winner of the show.

Author: Christohpher Biggins
Format: Kindle 289 pages
Publisher: Amazon Media
Guide price:* Book: £9, Kindle: £3.60

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4. Spangles, Glam, Gaywaves & Tubes Popular
This is the story of a young boy from the rough side of Tunbridge Wells (yes, there is one). A boy born in black and white (as his parents couldn't afford colour) who would survive the trauma of terrifying 1960s children's TV puppet shows and public information films, a family break up and being a gay teenager through the Glam Rock 1970s to go to London and become part of the new wave of youth culture in Punk and Disco. It's the story of 70s and 80s youth subculture told through pioneering gay theatre productions, the world's first ever gay radio pirate radio broadcasts and then finally becoming the first openly gay TV presenter on the seminal rock television show, The Tube.

Author: Gary James
Format: Paperback 208 pages
Publisher: Book Guild Publishing Ltd
Guide price:* Book: £10.50, Kindle: £

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5. The Gender Games: The Problem With Men and Women, From Someone Who Has Been Both Popular
Why we are all being messed up by gender, and what we can do about it

Author: Juno Dawson
Format: 368 pages
Publisher: Two Roads
Guide price:* Book: £10, Kindle: £1

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